MaidServants in Panaji, Goa charging very high rates for housework

The fraud google,tata employees think that they are doing people a very great favor using the internet, and refuse to acknowledge the paypal account holders if their home is not in good condition, however the fact is that indian domain investors, paypal account holders make very less money, even unskilled maidservants are charging higher rates in panaji, goa

For example one maidservant is charging Rs 2000 monthly for half an hours work daily or sweeping and wiping the floor, cleaning the vessels
Even if the domain investor is looking for a servant for working for a few hours once a week the rates charged are very high.

One maidservant said that she would charge Rs 300 for 1.5 hours of work
In comparison, in 2018, it is difficult for a person to make Rs 300 for 1.5 hours online writing work in India , despite writing in perfect english on a complicated topic

Cleaning an empty house repeatedly is a waste of time

The intelligence and security agency, google,tata employees are justifying their endless financial, identity theft frauds on the google competitor, giving her the extremely flimsy excuse that the house which she uses as a correspondence address is not well maintained. However these intolerant government employees forget that as a small business owner having limited resources, she has to be very careful about the resources at her disposal.

However these salaried employees forget that in panaji, goa, there are a large number of animals like Cats, rats, mice and frogs which enter the house when the home owner is not at home, through the window, creating complete chaos. They will throw things which are kept on the cupboard and other places, even the fish and turtle food kept in the house is not spared by these animals, it will suddenly disappear.

She may clean the house once a week, however she will have to spend three hours or more of her time, which she may not be able to afford. In no time, the animals will again create chaos in the house. It is also very difficult to get people to help in doing the work in Panaji, goa at a reasonable rate.

So unless a person is living in a house, all the time, and has plenty of free time, a number of visitors, it is not fair to criticize the home owner for not keeping the house in perfect condition.