Cats, rats, mice and frogs create a mess in an empty house

The intelligence and security agency, google,tata employees are justifying their endless frauds on the google competitor, giving her the extremely flimsy excuse that the house which she uses as a correspondence address is not well maintained

However these salaried employees forget that in panaji, goa, there are a large number of animals like Cats, rats, mice and frogs which enter the house when the home owner is not at home, through the window, creating complete chaos
They will throw things which are kept on the cupboard and other places, even the fish and turtle food kept in the house is not spared by these animals, it will suddenly disappear.

So unless a person is living in a house, all the time, and has plenty of free time, it is not fair to criticize the home owner for not keeping the house in perfect condition.

Goan sex worker R&AW employee sunaina shows her selfishness, greed in hinting home, garden maintenance work

The condition of the house is a good indication of the finances of the home owner, when a person is not doing well, he or she cannot afford to spend much money on home repairs and renovation, help for cleaning the home. Fighting a fraud of the goan and indian government is also very time consuming for the victim.

Not satisfied with the monthly R&AW salary which google, tata, her sugar daddy brahmin fraud j srinivasan, got her without doing any work, without investing any money, the shameless lazy greedy google,tata sponsored goan PROSTITUTE bhandari R&AW employee sunaina chodan, 2013 bsc who offers sex services to government employees now wishes to falsely claim ownership of the house of the google competitor as part of the real estate fraud in panaji

Due to the google, tata sex, bribery racket, financial fraud, the google competitor is wasting her time and money fighting the identity theft racket, and has very less time and money for maintenance of her house . On the other hand the google,tata sponsored goan PROSTITUTE bhandari R&AW employee, who is pampered and protected by ntro,raw, cbi has plenty of money and is falsely claiming ownership of the house with the help of the powerful government employees enjoying her sex services.

However people who are duped by google,tata sponsored goan PROSTITUTE bhandari R&AW employee sunaina may be asking the VVIP panaji prostitute why the house she falsely claims to own, is in such a poor condition. So on 17 May 2018, goan sex queen sunaina sent her associate, a lady in her fifties to pass comments and ask the google competitor to renovate the leaves, trim the trees , so that no one would have doubts about the fake claims of google,tata sponsored goan PROSTITUTE bhandari R&AW employee sunaina

The google, tata sponsored goan sex worker R&AW employee sunaina chodan is aware that her fraud on the google competitor has caused the engineer great financial losses, and the engineer is wasting a lot of time fighting the fraud, however the Google,tata sponsored sex worker R&AW employee sunaina shows her selfishness, greed in hinting maintenance work. It also showed her lack of mental maturity that she expected the google competitor to care for the comments of her associate. years ago, she had again showed her lack of mental maturity when she threatened the google competitor with a police case for just talking, breaking off the relationship permanently

Like all fraud victims, the google competitor does not care for the opinion of the google,tata sponsored goan PROSTITUTE bhandari R&AW employee sunaina, who has impersonated her to get a monthly raw salary, and will not clean up her house as she is busy with other activities like fighting the identity theft racket of sunaina, her sugar daddies, lovers and relatives

Keeping items in a specified place at home

Put items back where they belong
Often a person who is in a hurry will remove some items from the place where these items are stored,and will not keep them back in place because he or she has to rush for an appointment or is late.

After returning home, late at night, the person may be too tired or busy with other chores, and may not keep the item back in place. As a result, many items may lie scattered around the home, making the home look like a mess.

So it is advisable to keep some time daily or weekly , for putting things back in the place where they were originally supposed to be stored. This will ensure that there is plenty of free space in the house.