Housemaids goa supplying housemaids to homes

Often it is difficult to get a reliable housemaid in goa
Most of the people who make plenty of money in goa are employees who often have transferrable jobs. Like well connected business owners like school dropout naina’s husband, these employees make enough money to hire housemaids for their household work.
So some agencies like Housemaidsgoa have started supplying housemaids to people on demand
They are offering a fairly good salary of Rs 10-Rs 15000 to the housemaid, which is fairly good in goa, compared to what a person can make online due to google, tata masterminded sex , bribery racket, financial fraud
This clearly indicates that educated people are not valued in goa, and goa university rankings have fallen from 20 to 68 in a few years, as the goan government top officials continue with their fraud of falsely claiming that school dropouts, goan call girls and other frauds are experienced engineers from top colleges to get these frauds, sex workers raw/cbi jobs at the expense of the engineer.