Security agency officials often have free household help

The powerful Indian security and intelligence agencies are quick to criticize and ridicule indian citizens who do not keep their home immaculately clean, however no one highlights the fact that indian security agencies often have free household help, paid with indian tax payer money unlike private citizens who struggle to find reliable and affordable housekeeping help.

The indian security agencies do not even have to both to find the housekeeping help, the indian government is recruiting housekeeping help for their homes and also paying the salaries, Senior security agency officials are very powerful, and their juniors can afford to disobey them.

The case of sahayaks in the indian army is well known, with a video featuring the sahayaks doing housekeeping work going viral in social media. However soon afterwards one of the sahayaks from kerala, was found dead. The army claimed that it was a suicide, however there are allegations that he was harassed and tortured, leading to his death.

There are reports in the media of senior police officials are also having lower level staff do household work.