CBI wastes Rs 1800 of indian tax payer money monthly for housekeeping of semiliterate employee naina’s home

CBI employees claim to be very honest, role model citizens, however they are involved in endless financial frauds, falsely claiming that the nose stud wearing eighth standard pass cbi employee gujju housewife naina, mother of two sons, who has never operated a computer in her life owns the domain names, including this one of a harmless google competitor. Income tax returns, bank details, will also expose the cbi, ntro, google, tata online financial fraud
So though she does no work online and does not invest any money online, as part of cbi’s attempt to destroy the life of a google competitor completely , the semiliterate gujju housewife is being paid a monthly cbi salary falsely claiming that she has the investment, resume and paypal account of the google competitor, because a powerful fraud ntro employee parmar is madly in love with the eighth standard pass gujju housewife naina.
This monthly cbi salary gifted by her admirer powerful parmar , google, tata allows the semiliterate cbi employee naina to hire multiple servants. One servant who spends approximately 1.5 hours daily cleaning the house of the semiliterate cbi employee naina is being paid Rs 1800 monthly. As the indian government is wasting tax payer money to keep the house of the semiliterate housewife naina clean, semiliterate cbi employee naina has no other work and is spending most of her time watching televison.