Bollywood actor Shiney Ahuja maid rape case

One of the most high profile and perhaps the only case of maid rape, which was covered extensively in the mainstream indian media was the Shiney Ahuja maid rape case which took place in June 2009. The bollywood actor Shiney Ahuja, with light eyes and fair skin, bears a striking resemblance to the powerful NTRO employee puneet, who was involved in brutal identity theft attempt on the domain investor, making fake claims about the ownership of the blog, website.
According to media reports, the household help, from Roha, working in the house of Shiney Ahuja complained that he had sexually assaulted her while she was trying to remove a tin from the cupboard, and the medical examination confirmed the assault.
Though the household help, later retracted the statement, Shiney Ahuja was sentenced to 7 years imprisonment according to media reports and has not featured in many new movie releases since then. This news story was widely discussed and gossiped about in the media.
In the last few years, there have been relatively few similar cases, possibily because they were hushed up, offering bribes or threatening them.