Sexual exploitation of women housekeepers, maids

Many of the maids and housekeepers are from relatively poor families and one of the major problems that they face is sexual exploitation by the men in the house. Usually the matter is only shown in television serials and movies, however if celebrities are involved, the matter may be covered in the mainstream media like the Shiney Ahuja case, which is discussed separately.
Many of the maids are young women who require the money for their families and do not have the courage to complain if they are molested, harassed or sexually exploited as the police will often ignore their complaint.
If the housekeeper or maidservant is bothered about her safety, she should ensure that she is not alone in the house with a male family member, there is always a female family member in the house. The problem is particularly severe for housekeepers who are living in the house and when there are no other servants in the house to keep them company